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Babbit Award

We are not ones to hold grudges. We have always sided with Antigone on such matters. In that spirit, we inaugurate the Ashli Babbit Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Understanding of the Power of Persuasive Language. As you may recall, Babbit, an Air Force veteran and former supporter of Barack Obama, was shot and killed by a police officer on January 6, 2021, as she helped to lay siege to the United States Capitol building when she and other Donald Trump supporters attempted to block the peaceful transition of Presidential power.

The first person to receive this award, an undoubtedly worthy choice, is Brad Parscale, a former employee of the Trump Organization and adviser for both Trump campaigns. For a couple of years, he served as campaign manager for the re-election bid. His winning contribution is his text-message rejoinder---“Yes it was”---to Katrina Pierson. Pierson is also a former Obama supporter turned Republican operative. In her case it was Tea party style. She stumped for Ted Cruz and, after losing a congressional primary, eventually met Trump. She was hired as the national spokesperson for his first campaign and as a senior adviser for his second. The exchange between Parscale and Pierson occurred on the evening of January 6, 2021.

Parscale: This is about Trump pushing for uncertainty in our country. A sitting president asking for civil war.This week I feel guilty for helping him win.

Pierson: You did what you felt was right at the time and therefore it was right.

Parscale: Yeah. But a woman is dead. Yeah. If I was Trump and knew my rhetoric killed someone.

Pierson: It wasn’t the rhetoric.

Parscale: Katrina. Yes it was.

Congratulations to Mr. Parscale. Certificate is on the way. We’ll find something else for Pierson.


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