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Omicron rates dropping, but Boyd still texted more than usual.

Now Semple, I know you take creative approaches to issues, but this one is straightforward. You had to like that halftime show featuring hip hop.

It was a helluva 13 minutes. I’ll say that.

Is that equivocation I’m hearing?

I don’t know how equivocation sound. I just feel like hip hop got played a little. I know everybody celebrating, saying hip hop was the main feature for the first time and how it was overdue. But I was, like, y’all got Mary J., Snoop, Dre, 50, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar sharing 13 minutes? Thigh-high-boot-wearing Mary---beautiful as always---got 9 Grammy awards and done sold over 50 million albums. Those are enough stats for a halftime feature all by herself. But now she ain’t never gon get that. They ain’t squeeze Mick Jagger---and I dug that show---in with a bunch of other artists. Every artist on this list would have been a worthy halftime act. We talking record sales in the hundreds of millions for this group. When any gon get a Super Bowl show solo?

I hadn’t thought about it in those terms, Semple. I did find the celebratory aspect appealing.

But the NFL get it wrong even when it get it right. Too much bad history it’s tangled up in, so the right always tangled with the wrong. That tribute thing to a genre is better with a bygone era. Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie can’t do the Super Bowl.

You’re advocating for a show?

Let your imagination go, Junior Boyd. I can totally see a big-band rendition of “Now’s the Time,” with all the smoke and light show and innovative staging and costumes and dancers. I really can see that moving the crowd. If they jazz jazz up, it can do that. “Night in Tunisia” should get the treatment. There’s a driving rhythm that would go over big. Let the NFL put me on for one year. I’ll get the show in order.

Maybe, Semple. I need to go back and listen.

And think of a whole smoke-lights-big-stage-like-a-train-costumes-dancers version of “Take the A Train.”

But would young folks go for it?

Depends on how young we talking. But you can put the youth in the performance. Jazz forever young.

But I thought you were appreciative of hip hop.

Love hip hop.

Just not the show.

Loved the show. Like I say, a helluva 13 minutes. Mega hits brought back. Dre piano homage to Tupac, and Dre comment on police. Eminem taking the knee. A helluva 13 minutes. Shay would have loved it as well. R.I.P.


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