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With the Omicron variant still surging, Boyd and Semple were back to texting a lot.

Hey, Semple, new lows this week for language and deliberation in Florida. Surgeon general at the confirmation hearing wouldn’t answer easy questions about vaccines. So the Democrats walked out and the Republican majority remained and promptly confirmed.

Yeah, Junior Boyd. I caught that. I saw Pretzel Man Ladapo all tongue twisted. Governor say he a truth-telling superstar. Can’t tell by me. “You got a name, doctor.” “Well, these yes-no questions are so very difficult you understand. We must be guided by the scientific data, examine what I’m called, what I respond to. Then subject all of that to further testing. I think, ultimately, if you ask me the question enough times and I calculate that the governor doesn’t mind I might concede that I am in total possession of some nomenclature in practical terms.” Dude twisted for real.

That’s a decent bit of parody.

I don’t know what that is, but I’m down for anything decent. And I know what these elected folk are doing ain’t it. It’s just gang-gang, as some young people say. Roll with your crew right or wrong. All politics all the time.

I hope it’s less contentious regarding the nominee to replace Justice Breyer. People must know that appointing an African American woman to the Supreme Court just has to happen at this juncture.

You probably hoping for too much, Boyd. But my thing is however it go Biden gon botch the pick.

How’s that, Semple? The potential nominees we hear about possess sterling qualifications.

I get that. I hear about J. Michelle Childs from South Carolina. Clyburn is backing her with some of his best double talk. “I’m not against anyone else. I’m for Childs.” My man, there’s only one job opening. If you for Childs, you against anybody else getting that job. We know how to keep it uncomplicated. Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby? But she got a great record. Got the resume for the game they playing. Good on voting rights. I’m just against her.

You prefer Ketanji Brown Jackson?

I do like how she rode down on Trump and his boy Don McGahn. But I don’t have a preference between Childs and Jackson. I think the whole list of jurists is beside the point. I’m looking at the whole story of the Supreme Court. See, you have to storify this thing properly to make the most sense out of it. It’s not only a jurist thing. Dozens of people have served on the Supreme Court without having prior judicial experience, including some big names like Louis Brandeis and Earl Warren. Elena Kagan on the Court right now. Obama got her there and she hadn’t never been a judge nowhere. Matter fact, ain’t really no qualifications specified for being eligible to be a Supreme Court Justice. The Constitution real open about the whole thing. Without going too far in school, even I know that. So the media focused on judicial experience instead of the best story, which I think is the wrong play. With Clarence Thomas up there, only one person deserves to be the first African American woman on the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Don’t tell me.

You know it. Anita Hill.


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