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Winning Michigan

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Winning is one of those funny words that people use when they mean another word. I mostly noticed this in connection with sports events. Someone would say a person or some team was winning after three quarters, after being up a set, or after having won more games in a series. But if winning means relating to or resulting in victory, then winning can only be ascertained after victory is assured. A winning strategy is only one that results in a win. Similarly, we don’t know if your team is winning in the third quarter unless we know whether it prevailed or that such an outcome is certain.

Not to get too deep, but it’s like pragmatist philosophy. In pragmatism, you judge the worth of a proposition or action by its consequences. Whether something is a good idea is determined by the results of the idea in action. Think about the phrase, “I thought it was a good idea at the time.” Or maybe, “I’m glad it worked out.”

Of course, one never needs to get all wound up over a mainly harmless vocabulary item. Do what you do. But when you declare that you’re winning something as big as Michigan, it gets my attention. We’re winning Michigan. At 2:30 AM. Why? Because you’re ahead in the vote count? You were leading. You were not in the process of winning Michigan.

This year, you saw the San Francisco 49ers leading the Kansas City Chiefs 20-10 in the Super Bowl after three quarters. The 49ers lost 31-20.

You saw that they did not give Victoria Azarenka the trophy after she beat Naomi Osaka in the first set in the finals of the U. S. Open. You saw them give Osaka the trophy after she won sets 2 and 3.

You also saw the Los Angeles Clippers lead the Denver Nuggets 3 games to 1 in the NBA playoffs. If they call the series off at that point, the Clippers win. They lost the series 4 games to 3.

Maybe this is one of the last superpowers you were trying to obtain, the power to call the game off at will. You know how fourth quarters can go, and having things your own petulant way is really your thing. I suppose you’ll never be very adept at rules and regulations. Voter intimidation and voter suppression are illegal tactics but essential parts of your playbook, as is voter-related lying. Legal maneuvers are your never-ending strategy.

But Michigan knows the game. It also knows that there are almost 2.8 million votes that you are not getting there. That is a majority of the votes cast in the state. Game over.


P. S. If you want to learn more about this, start by analyzing one of your signature lines: We’re winning Pennsylvania by a tremendous amount. For extra credit, you can study, It’s also clear that we have won Georgia.


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